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Erection testing and total electrical works Commissioning & Mechanical Repairing, Services and Testing & Labour Job of the following.
  • Specialist in Total Project Handling Electrical & Mechanical Job
    Global Power Systems & Industrial Systems (Govt. & Private Sector).
    Electrical Machanical Consultant & Solution Provider.

  • Power Systems All type electrical. Sub Station MW, HV, LV (66/33/11 KV & LT 433) Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Overhauling Servicing Fault case Attend and Repairing & HT Panel SF6, VCB, RMU, LT, ACB and Compact Substations and MVA & KVA Power of distribution oil Transformer, Filtration & (HT/LT, A.V.R.), DG Sat, Automation & P.L.C./ Synchronizing Panel, Capacitor Panel and (HV & LV Testing Instrument Sat) Relay Testing and all type HT / LT Breaker spring charging motor, SF6, VCB, ACB & T.R., OLTC Panel, switch gear box motor AC/DC type Rewinding & Solar Energy System Etc.

  • Industrial Systems All Type Imported & Indian Company our Range Ac / Dc Electric Motors and Gear Motor. The Fractional horse Power Single and Three Phase Ac/Dc Motor Induction motor and DC Motor are Offered with OR Without worm Gear Box in addition. These Are also offered as Integral worm output shafts & single and double reduction Gear Box Motor foot and flange mounted motor Ac/Dc shunt, PMDC (HP, Voltage, RPM 6/12/24/48/110/180/220/440 key motor rewinding (Armature rewinding machine commutator joints hot staked/ Tig welded/ Soldering Brazing and final Turning & Finishing OF Rotors using State of Dynamic Balancing Machine Etc.

  • All type other range gearbox motor hypoid, croise, helical, Planetary gear Box DC shunt, Variable Speed Motors & permanent magnet, P.M.D.C. Motor & Brushless Magnet B.L.D.C. Motors (Servo Drive Control Motors) PM DC mini motor, (AC/DC drive panel), battery operated Brake Motor, Tacho Mounting Motors, series, sepex , traction, (Hydrolic Power Pack/ Pump Motor) (welding machine motors) (Eotcarnes) fitness equipment, vacuum cleaner, turbine side Changer, Vortex blower , polisher sweepers , jet cleaner electrical partble tools drill, blower rewinding services repairing job works etc.

  • All type Machines and CNC Machines Control & Automation/P.L.C. Panel & AC & DC motor other Range is used in the following industrial fields.
  • Sub: Provide Maintenance Work of Electrical Rewinding and Repairing & Service Mechanical Job.

    • All type (HT 33/11 KV & 433 LT) Electrical Substation Industry.
    • C.N.C. Machines Automation Control Syestem AC / DC Drive Panel & / P.L.C. Panel &AC/ DC Motors Industry Machines.
    • Off Sat Printing Press and Label Printing Industry.
    • Paper Industry.
    • Textile Industry.
    • Automobiles Industry.
    • Cable & Wire Industry
    • Foods Processing Industry.
    • Medicines & Chemical Industry.
    • Plastic P.V.C. & Rubber & Foot Wear & Foam Industry.
    • Strapping & Conveyor, Logistic & Packaging System Machines.
    • Winding & Drawing and MIG/ TIG/ SAW Welding Machines.
    • Fitness Space Gym, Machine.
    • Hospital Medical Equipments Machine.
    • Air Force Defiance Reader Running of Work DC Motors
    • HT/ LT- Boiler/ hydro/ Gas Turbine Governor Speed Controls DC Motors.
    • Jhule (cyclone, bush buggies, flip out, space jump, fire bridge wide wheels, Z force sidewinder, sky riders
    • Lighting bold) Jhule Speed Control DC Motors.
    • Power Grid Sub Station 400/220/132 KV & 33/11 KV- Switch Gear Breaker Spring Charging DC Motors.
  • The DC Motors can be selected to meet the requirements.
  • Please Contact our department for other special requirements
SF6 Circuit Breaker  
HV Swichgear  
HT Penal  
AC/DC Spring Charging Motor  
CT & PT  
Unitized Substation  
Switch Yards  
HT & LT Spear Part  
Armature winding Machine  
Universal Conrtrol Switchgear Motors  
Hollow output worm Geat Motor  
Universal Vacuum Cleaner  
Permanent Magnet D.C.Motors  
Treadmill motors  
Mini Gear Motors  
Mini PMDC motors  
DC Shunt Motor  
AC Brushless Servo Motor  
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